Important Gifting Information

New Gift Orders: New orders will ship out around the 22nd of each month (excluding holidays). Your gift message will be sent out once the initial box has been shipped. If you'd like to change the date of initial tie box (or prefer an earlier date), email us at If you don't want to send out a gift notification, please fill out the gift recipient's email address with your email address instead. Due to COVID-19, we cannot guarantee the time it takes for packages to arrive. If you'd like to receive your box earlier to give the initial gift in person, we suggest ordering earlier and do not add a gift recipient email address for our email gift notification.
1. Pick A Gift Subscription
Choose from different styles of neckties, skinny ties, bow ties or socks! A Spiffster tie subscription makes the perfect gift that keeps on giving.
2. Pick A Term
Choose from month to month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. If it is a gift, your gift message will go out the same time your tie is shipped. Please contact us if you would like a different shipment date.

3. Send A Gift Message
Personalize a gift message and we'll send it out on the day it ships (usually on the 22nd of each month). Don't want to send a gift message? Don't include the gift recipient's email address.

How Our Tie Club Works

Subscribe. Get Spiffy.
Whether you prefer a classic tie, skinny tie, bow tie, or socks each one is handpicked based on your style preference. Look sharp among family members, friends, and colleagues. Once you join the club, you can choose from 3 different categories of styles and patterns.
You'll receive a subscription box at your doorstep around the 22nd of each month. Gift recipients will receive an email notification of your gift once we have shipped out the first box! If you'd like to change the date of delivery or push the subscription back, email us at

Every man deserves a beautiful collection of ties. Because wearing the right tie can send out a bold statement. You can never have enough. Especially at our starting price point of $10/mo. for our subscription package. Don't fret around and join the best tie club today.