Pick Your Style Of Ties Whether you prefer a classic, slim, or bow tie, each tie is handpicked based on your style preference. Look sharp among family members, friends, and colleagues.
Get Beautiful Ties Delivered To You We only deliver premium neckties made from high quality materials such as silk, cotton, polyester or wool with a style only the luxurious brands can match.
Build An Impressive Collection A nice tie can send out a bold statement. You can never have enough. Especially at our starting price point of $8.95/mo. for our subscription package.

How It Works

Pick your style After you become a member, we send you a short survey that allows us to build your profile and deliver ties tailored to your preferences.
Get it delivered A fresh tie gets delivered to you monthly, so you'll gain a new look of confidence. All ties are shipped on the 22nd of each month.
Wear it boldly Our neckties are trendy and fashionable. Handcrafted from premium materials and created to instill a sense of success.

Build your collection monthly It's the most affordable way to own an impressive set of beautiful neckties. Your friends and colleagues will be jealous!

We don't believe in renting premium neckties. That's why when we deliver it to your doorsteps, it is yours to keep. We know our subscription prices are amazingly low for the quality you get. But that doesn't mean we're going to raise our prices to match your local department store.

Get our subscription box for only $8.95 per month. Because even though our ties are meticulously handcrafted, we realize they aren't made of pure gold encrusted with diamonds. On second thought, maybe they should be?

Blog Reviews


I was really impressed. This is a really great tie and I think my favorite one from a subscription box. Spiffster Club sends great looking ties at affordable prices.

Subscription Box Mom Review


We like that Spiffster concentrates on building a wardrobe of ties based on your individual needs instead of just sending a random tie monthly.

Hello Subscription Review


It’s absolutely perfect and is totally something he will wear. The tie was well constructed and was quite impressive for the cost.

Subscription Box Ramblings Review

A message from the founder of Spiffster.club

Men wearing suits and ties command attention because it creates a powerful presence of the individual. For the men who own a collection of ties, they give off a sense of firm control of their lives, and they understand the meaning of success in their exciting life style.

I wanted to create that confidence in every male individual. But let's face it, neckties at your department stores are just way too expensive. It can be difficult for an individual to shell out $49.95 for a single brand name tie that you'll wear a few times a year.

So I created Spiffster, a necktie club for males that want to build a tie collection, but don't want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for neckties. The best thing is we build a profile on you, and send you ties that you'll love. You'll get premium handcrafted neckties that are second to none in the tie business. I hope you try us out because you won't find a better tie club than ours.